Reviews of Dan's new CD, "Dying Breed" have appeared in newspapers and magazines coast to coast, and here's what they're saying:

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: "exceptionally well-crafted and well-written...full of insistently catchy, emotionally substantial songs"

SACRAMENTO BEE:   "A master storyteller"

BELLINGHAM (WA) HERALD: "Though he's been in pop music barely five years, the late bloomer has already compiled an impressive body of work."

COLLEGE TIMES, TEMPE (AZ) : " May delivers songs that, for all their literary grace are accessable and unaffected."

FORT WAYNE (IN) JOURNAL GAZETTE:  "Dying Breed" displays all the striking qualities that marked May's earlier sets.

PULSE MAGAZINE, CEDAR FALLS (IA) COURIER : "May engages the listeners with numbers tender and loving as well as sly and cutting."

GRAND FORKS (ND) HERALD: "He can pack quite a bluesy punch when he wants to."

CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: "The only non-original is Springsteen's "Thunder Road" and it speaks to May's exceptional talents that he can make the Boss's monumental anthem seem a part of his own work."

SING OUT! MAGAZINE: "Dying Breed is beautifully assembled.  Dan's compassion and empathy make the songs vivid.  Very rewarding, warm album."

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