And for those of you who like to listen to Dan's music while you watch an autopsy, tune in to the Discovery Fit & Health Channel at 10 pm on Sunday, Feb. 5.  Dan's song, "The Gift" will be used in the episode titled "Body Burn" (kinda speaks for itself)  Tune in, it's gonna be hot! (literally)  It will also be airing throughout the season, so keep an eye out for it!


The Philadelphia Inquirer released it's "Year In Music 2011" edition in late December, and Dan's "Dying Breed"  CD was listed as one of the Top Ten albums of the year by music critic Nick Cristiano.  Great news and well deserved!  If you don't have a copy of Dying Breed, it's available in hard copy from CDBaby.com or at iTunes, Amazon.com and other online music vendors.  Get one today!


Reviews of Dan's new CD, "Dying Breed" have appeared in newspapers and magazines coast to coast, and here's what they're saying:

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: "exceptionally well-crafted and well-written...full of insistently catchy, emotionally substantial songs"

SACRAMENTO BEE:   "A master storyteller"

BELLINGHAM (WA) HERALD: "Though he's been in pop music barely five years, the late bloomer has already compiled an impressive body of work."

COLLEGE TIMES, TEMPE (AZ) : " May delivers songs that, for all their literary grace are accessable and unaffected."

FORT WAYNE (IN) JOURNAL GAZETTE:  "Dying Breed" displays all the striking qualities that marked May's earlier sets.

PULSE MAGAZINE, CEDAR FALLS (IA) COURIER : "May engages the listeners with numbers tender and loving as well as sly and cutting."

GRAND FORKS (ND) HERALD: "He can pack quite a bluesy punch when he wants to."

CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: "The only non-original is Springsteen's "Thunder Road" and it speaks to May's exceptional talents that he can make the Boss's monumental anthem seem a part of his own work."

SING OUT! MAGAZINE: "Dying Breed is beautifully assembled.  Dan's compassion and empathy make the songs vivid.  Very rewarding, warm album."

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